How To Build The Perfect Web Development Team

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How To Build The Perfect Web Development Team

Web development is like a finely made watch. Each component, cog, and screw in place are there for a reason. All parts that make up the watch have their purpose. A purpose that, when combined with the others, make an expensive Rolex watch.

So why am I talking to you about watches and web development? Simple. Because in order for you to get your web development team together, you have to remember the most important thing: it’s a TEAM. A team consists of members that do their own part to the success of the whole. In web development, it’s vital to pick the right members. The last thing you’d want is a team bloated with redundant staff members lacking others to complement them.

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The Project Manager

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You can’t build a team without a captain. Just like a platoon of soldiers or any team sport, a captain must always exist to take the helm. In this case, a project manager ensures that everyone is on the right page (no pun intended). For this position, find an individual with an above average technical background. They must be aware of the ins and outs of the project with a constant stream line communication open to all team members.

Without a project manager, one can say goodbye to organization and coordination. A project manager is the first and last member of the team that speaks to the client. With a keen eye for detail and sharp mind for business, the project manager that everyone in the team gets their due and the clients get what they paid for.

The Web Developers

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As for the technical development phase, a team needs developers for both the front-end and back-end of the website as well as site and UX designers. The front-end and back-end developers create the interface and the components found within. A site designer designs the structure of the website and the UX designer ensures that everything remains user-friendly.

Think of these men and women as the engineers of the website. It is their expertise that determines the overall structural integrity of the website and how most users will perceive it. With a project manager to ensure that everyone works hand-in-hand, the project’s future is secured.

UI/UX Designer

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As for the website’s design, it’s up to the UX Designer to make sure that both the client and the customer is happy. A website is the coat of paint that users first see when they visit. Gone are the days of ugly fonts and three-color designs. When a UX Designer gets his hands on a website, you’re sure to be met with a unique look and a captivating feel.

Going beyond design, a UX Designer also handles what website users feel. This means that he has to make sure that the UI is not only easy on the eyes but easy to understand as well. The UX designer takes the human element and applies it to the website.

SEO Expert

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An SEO Expert ensures that all the hard work done by the team doesn’t go to waste. The most important part after a website is created is its rank. A website that ranks low in the search engines might as well be invisible. It’s not after a thorough look from the SEO Expert that this disaster is fixed. With strategic keywords use and relevant content write-ups, the SEO Expert is capable of bringing a website to higher rankings.

That content that fills the website is probably the most overlooked aspect of it. A big mistake one can make is thinking that all a website needs are proper design and function. This mistake leads to the content being written by someone who lacks experience or knowledge.


The perfect web development team is composed of members who fill their role down to the last drop. They make sure that everything they do is for the benefit of their team and the project at hand. When one member is missing or slacks off, the whole project falls apart. When creating a web development team, it’s vital that you give importance to each and every single member.


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