5 Simple Ways to Earn Money as a Work-At-Home Mom

//5 Simple Ways to Earn Money as a Work-At-Home Mom

5 Simple Ways to Earn Money as a Work-At-Home Mom

As a stay-at-home mom, it can be mind-numbing to do absolutely nothing but household work all day. All that work and you’re not even earning a single cent. What are you gonna do? Well, one can get out of the house and find a stable job. OR you can stay at home AND still earn the money that you deserve. That’s right, in today’s era, modern moms are able to earn money whilst staying at home. All they have to do is find a stable internet connection and how to use it. The moms of today are both heroes to their kids and a working warrior on the internet.

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Becoming a Mommy Blogger

Blogging is not only the most well-known online job out there but it’s also the best choice for a mom. Mommy bloggers write about their experience as a mom and give tips and advice to those who are about to enter the world of parenting. To succeed as a mommy blogger, you have to separate your content from the market. Add a twist to your blog or write up unique content that educates and entertains your readers. Once you get a good following, you can make money off your website through Adsense.

Finish A Survey For Your Off Time

You’ve probably heard of this. All you have to do is answer a simple survey and earn gift cards to major retailers and cafes. What makes this job so great is the fact that it requires minimal effort to actually do. You’re not exactly answering a highly scientific survey. The only problem is actually finding a reliable website to work for. Luckily, the dark ages of the survey are gone and a simple search will point you in the right direction. Harris Poll Online or InboxDollars is both a great start.

Personal Retailer

Have you ever heard of a garage sale? Well, being personal retailer means you’re selling stuff at home that’s no longer of use. When your kids begin to outgrow their toys or video games, don’t throw them out. Instead, collect them all and research what toy is actually worth good money. Once you’ve done that, the only thing left to do is to find a few websites or apps to sell them on. This job is a great way of getting rid of unused space at home and earning money off it.

Babysitting The Neighbor’s Kids

The best part of being a stay-at-home mom? You get to spend most of your day at home. Other parents aren’t so lucky and, like you, they have kids as well. Setting up your own online babysitting service for local moms can be profitable. Simply baby-proof your house and start curling your biceps. If you’re worried about customers, then try your neighbors first. If you do an exceptional job, then your business will grow through word of mouth.

Also, you might try being both a blogger and a babysitter. Both are doable together and you’re basically hitting two birds with one stone.


If you were an educator or had extensive knowledge on a specific topic, you can still earn money through it. Online tutoring has been a staple of online jobs since the first success stories came out years ago. Ever since online tutors have seen a rise in demand. So what exactly should you be teaching? Language is a great example. Teaching English to students based in Southeast Asia is proven money maker. The only thing you need is a stable internet connection and decent microphone and camera. Remember that being a tutor requires patience and hard work, especially if you’re teaching the language.

A Few Things To Remember

The five mentioned jobs are one of the best examples of earning money. However, a stay-at-home is certainly not limited to the ones listed above. Also, I cannot stress how much a stable internet connection means to anyone working online. You can worry about customers and profit later if you’re internet providers is on the fritz then you won’t be making any money. Finally, the jobs listed above are not exactly exclusive for moms or other parents. You can clearly do all of these whether you’re a parent or not.


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