10 “Free” Businesses You Can Start at Your Home

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10 “Free” Businesses You Can Start at Your Home

Setting up a business for free is difficult if you have no idea what you’re doing. Fortunately for you, anyone with a decent knowledge online is capable of setting up a business at home for FREE. Now remember, most, if not, all of the businesses stated here are based online. You will need a stable source of internet to successfully run an online business. Here are 10 FREE business you can start at home.

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10. Language Tutor

Communication is everything when it comes to business. So, it’s no surprise that the demand for language teachers and tutors have seen a significant rise. English is probably a language that everyone wants to speak since it’s considered to be universal. If you know your way around the basics of the English language, then you too can become a tutor. Make sure to target countries that are actually in need of said tutoring.

9. Merchandise Designer

There are tons of internet celebrities (especially on YouTube) today. And when a celebrity with a decent following is born, merchandise will soon follow. The latter usually involves clothing, so it would help tremendously if you had experience in t-shirt design. So how does one get hired? There are a number of websites that advertise the works of independent artists; it helps if you were to start there. Social media sites such as Instagram also help advertise your own collection to an already established audience.

8. YouTube Personality

YouTube channels that flourish are those that provide unique and entertaining content. Through the use of ads, one can make a decent amount of money on YouTube. Eventually, as a channel grows to more than a hundred thousand subscribers, online businesses will start to sponsor you. Simply remember to keep your content fresh and high in quality.

7. Freelance Writer

The internet is an open field of opportunity for skilled writers. A freelance writer can work on resumes today and then work on website content tomorrow. There will never a shortage of good writers on the internet. As a writer, you can either work for a client, a company or for yourself. If you have a passion for a certain topic, you can blog and earn money through Adsense.

6. Online Marketing Consultant

Online marketing is a strategy has seen a rise in popularity. Businesses, be it small or large, see the potential of online marketing as a tool. However, not everyone knows how to market their business on the internet. This is where you come in. With vast knowledge in online marketing, you can hire out your services to a company and use your expertise in aiding their online endeavors.

5. Skill Coach

Those who are experts in certain fields such as music or fitness will find clients willing to hire them for their expertise. In order to thrive as a skill coach, one needs a resume that hooks potential clients in and a decent marketing pitch to convince clients to hire you.

4. Thumbnail Creator

Large YouTube creators tend to hire the services of skilled artists to design their thumbnails for them. If you’re skilled with photoshop and color editing, you can advertise your work through certain websites. Usually, a client pays you for every thumbnail you make or pays you a relatively large sum for a number of thumbnails in their previous and future videos.

3. Booking

Who says accountants don’t thrive online? Being a booker, it is your job to monitor your client’s income and expenses and make sure that all of their wealth is checked properly. Now, this kind of business will apply to those have a bachelor’s degree or higher in the said field. It helps to let your client know that you’re educated rather than self-taught since you are dealing with their money.

2. Twitch Streamer

This is relatively close to a YouTube personality, the only difference being that a Twitch Streamer mainly earns money through donations and subscriptions. So what does a streamer do? Oftentimes a Twitch Streamer plays video games but someone who does run a podcast has seen relative success.

1. Web Designer

Graphic designers who create unique and captivating designs can either work freelance or for a company. If your designs are far from generic, website developers are more than happy to hire you for their projects. Just make sure to listen to what your clients want in order to create a design that perfectly represents their business or website.


There are a lot more businesses you can start at home, the businesses listed above are just an introduction to the vast array of careers one can take online. Contrary to this article’s topic, it’s important to understand that a successful career requires sacrifice and investment. Never forget to invest money on tools or other equipment that will greatly help your business grow.


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