Build a Web Development Team in 24 Hours at 1/5th of the Price

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Build a Web Development Team in 24 Hours at 1/5th of the Price

One of the biggest hurdles a business has to go through when setting up for online marketing is their website. If you don’t want to stick to web builders nor learn year’s worth of web design, then it’s best to form your own team. Hiring web developers and designers ensure that you’re putting your website’s future into good hands.

The biggest problem a business has with web developers, however, is the price they have to pay for them. Big time developers in Europe or in the US may cost up to five figure sums. If you’re a small business looking to get a stable footing online then there are better ways of doing it. You see, businesses tend to form their web development team piece by piece. They peruse through countless websites and pages looking for specific members. From web developers, graphic designers, etc., they tend to pour in unnecessary effort into their website.

So how does a business save time and money in building their website? By doing one simple thing: outsourcing to an already complete web development team.

Outsourcing and the Philippines

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When on the subject of outsourcing, it’s best to approach it with prudence. You’re outsourcing your web development project because you want to save money. “Where should I even begin?” you might ask. Well, in the past few years, Southeast Asia has seen a significant rise in popularity when it comes to outsourcing. The interest of working online has recently skyrocketed and the countries within this region of the world host a few hidden gems of the internet.

The Philippines is a great example of this. It may be a country tucked below tech giants such as Japan and South Korea, but this country packs a punch. If you’re looking for great choices to outsource your web development project, the Philippines is a great start.

When in the subject of the Philippines and web development, there is a web development company that not only promises quality but affordability as well.

Nextvation, The Team You Need

Nextvation is a web development company based in the Philippines. Composed of web developers, graphic designers, SEO content writers, marketing experts, and more, the company has over 30 years of combined experience.

Once given a web development project to work on, Nextvation will take it through a six-step process of development. This process will iron out all possible issues and mistakes the company will go through before launch. The best part? Even after release, the team will continue to monitor the website, ensuring that no glitch or error was left behind.

Websites developed by Nextvation are both responsive and stable in structure. The graphic designers ensure that your website is given a creative and captivating look that perfectly represents you and the business you want to set up. Their content specialists take the good from content and SEO writing together to fill the website with relevant and valuable content.  Remember that hiring Nextvation means that you’re hiring a complete team. Say goodbye to the painstakingly difficult job of forming of your own web development team.

A Complete Team For A Fifth Of The Price

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What about the price? Even the best of qualities are overshadowed by the price they’re asking for, right? Well, remember the five figure sum that big time web developers ask? Nextvation only asks for four. That’s right, a complete team of skill and experience web developers is available for only a fifth of the asking price of most web designers.

I mentioned earlier that Nextvation monitors websites they already launched. This final process represents the work ethic that the company has for its clients. They care for every project as if it were their own child. If, after the launch, a glitch is found in the system, Nextvation will gladly fix it for no added price or fee. You get what you pay for and Nextvation gives you quality and affordability. No other web development company in the Philippines can say the same.

With Nextvation, you’re saving time by hiring an already established web development team for a price that you can actually afford. By hiring them, you’re ensuring your website’s future.


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