WordPress: What it is and How it helps.

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WordPress: What it is and How it helps.

WordPress. Once you’ve entered the world of having your own website, you have surely heard of it. WordPress backends, tools, extensions, and more. You will hear of these terms, so it simply begs the questions: “What is WordPress?” To understand what WordPress is you’re gonna have to know what a website creation tool is. It’s what it is, a tool to create and manage website content. Easy enough? So here’s where I tell you what WordPress is and how it helps your business. Don’t worry, I’ll try to minimize my jargon usage when it comes to the technical side of a website. I’ll try.

Tell Me What It Is Then! What is it!?

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Okay, enough stalling. To properly define WordPress, it is an open source website creation tool written in PHP. You still with me? WordPress is the easiest tool you can use in managing your blog and/or keeping a close eye on your website content. That’s what WordPress is. So what makes it so good? What makes it so popular? Well, WordPress is currently being used by more than a quarter of websites today. Some notable ones being Katy Perry and LinkedIn.

Now that you have a somewhat concrete (okay maybe it’s not fully hardened yet) idea of what WordPress is, you’re gonna want to know how it helps you and your business website. So how exactly can WordPress help your business website?

No More Definitions, Tell Me How It Helps!!

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Firstly, WordPress, like I mentioned, is easy to use. Even if you don’t have a lick of an idea on how to create a professional website, with WordPress you can build one yourself. Managing articles posted, adding web pages or images, etc. All of it is easy to do and, with minimal effort learning the finer things, you can run your website without requiring any web designers on sight.

Apart from an easy-to-use system, WordPress is also FREE. 100% free for you to install and use. In the world the of business, free systems or tools mean less monthly payments that bog down a business that’s prepared to take off. Don’t even worry about quality, with a number of websites using WordPress, it’s pretty much crystal clear that WordPress didn’t sacrifice anything just so it can keep its free status.

I’ve probably talked about SEO a couple of times now (shameless plug alert) and how important it is in establishing a solid presence on the internet. With WordPress, search engine optimization is a bit easier to get a hang of. WordPress allows its user to grant each page or post their own meta tag keywords, title, description, and keyword specifics to further optimize it. WordPress’ code is also built smooth and clean as a whistle, giving search engines an easy to read site content.

Managing, customizing, and control of your website is also granted with WordPress. With WordPress being browser based, you can basically access it from any computer with a wifi connection. Customization is also easy, with different themes for you to choose and fit the perfect image for your website to be on. Cycling through different aesthetic choices for your website is at your fingertips. Lastly, there’s control. It’s important for the business owner (you) to have control over a domain that is integral to the growth of your business. That’s why WordPress gives you control over it and any updates that come through.

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Finally, and this may seem a bit trivial or maybe even irrelevant, there is the blogging aspect of WordPress. Since it was originally built to be a platform for blogging, it has a toolbox filled to the brim with necessary equipment that can help build a blog. For what? What does blogging have to do with a business that sells juice products? There is a myriad of reasons, all of which help you gain more customers and profit.

Is That It?

Of course not. There are a lot more reasons on how WordPress helps your business. They range from the more technical to the simpler sides of the tool. WordPress is a tool, it is easy to use, free, and customizable. If you’re looking to start a website today, WordPress is a gleaming recommendation in building one.

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