How Important is a Responsive Website?

//How Important is a Responsive Website?

How Important is a Responsive Website?

Website Responsiveness. You have undoubtedly heard of this term when you’ve just started taking your first baby steps on your own website. A responsive website is important for many reasons but a lot of them can be boiled down to a number of benefits for you and your website.

A bit of a background…

All the way back in the early to mid-2000s one can expect that a visitor is viewing your website on his desktop computer. This was one of, if not, the only way to access the internet. That means you only had to worry about your website in the medium of the personal computer.

However, time has passed and now we are at the precipice of different technological innovations. One of these innovations, in fact, allows you and everyone else to access the internet through a number of devices. Your phone, your tablet, your computer, or whatever that you have on that connects you to the internet.

So what am I saying exactly? What am I blabbering about? Simple. Website responsiveness. You see, with all these devices that can access your website it means that you’re going to have to find a way to ensure that it is as optimized as ever. Be it in a PC, a smartphone, or what have you. One of the things that make a website responsive is how it adapts to the screen size of the viewer and with all the associated functions adapting with it.

Here’s an Example…

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Let’s say you run a real estate business. You start making the right decision by having your own website. This website has all the necessary functions, tabs, and more. From houses and condos that are for rent or for sale to commercial or industrial land. All of it is within a single click.

It would only make sense then that when your customer visits your website from his smartphone, these tabs other features must still be easily accessible. This ensures that your customer remains on your website going somewhere else.

To make a long story short, a mobile-friendly website not only makes it responsive but aids it in many ways.  

Let’s talk about that.

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First things first, searchability. Recently, Google has given mobile friendly websites a boost in searchability. Kind of like a reward for staying up to date and following regulations. This means that people will be able to search your website much easier. With your SEO rankings improved your off to higher and thicker traffic statistics for your website.

Oh, and if you forgot, a responsive website is ADAPTABLE.No longer shall you fear of having to overhaul your entire website because of a new smartphone that just got released. It doesn’t matter what new smartphone is out as long as it has a screen your website will adapt to it. It’s like being water, you put it in a cup and it becomes the cup. You put it in a teapot and it becomes the teapot. Be water, my friend.

In Conclusion

I’ve talked about how having a responsive website is important and how it is one of the key factors of succeeding in the digital age. However, if you were to boil this article down you will realize that one thing is clear, to stay relevant you have to run with the times. Especially in this generation where everything is being moved so fast that you couldn’t even tell what is new and what is not. To survive, stay up to date. Keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll surely make it.  




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