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Why Use Hubstaff

In this day and age, most entrepreneurs have their own business online. In an effort to try and save money, they have turned to outsourcing for a cheap yet effective workforce. Like many things, there are pros and cons when your employees range from the middle east all the way to southeast Asia. Especially for a web development company, your team may range from different part of the globe. This stems the question: “How do I monitor the people I’m paying?” Well, you’ll be glad to hear that Hubstaff does just that and many other things.

Easy Monitoring and MOAR!!

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Hubstaff not only monitors your employees through random screenshots but also tracking mouse and keyboard activity. You will definitely feel like big brother watching over your employees, ensuring they’re doing their job. Is that all? Not quiet.

Hubstaff is more than a monitoring tool, it may even be an insult by calling it a tool because it is better branded as a platform. A platform with an array of features that not only helps you but your employees as well. Features such as time tracking abilities for you to know which employee is following his work hours down to the last minute. Invoices can be sent with pinpoint accuracy, and an in-depth reporting to make the right decisions and judgment calls.

As for operating systems, Hubstaff runs smoothly with all major operating systems namely, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. No more should you be forced to switch to different operating systems because a particular tool for your business doesn’t run on Linux.

The Cons

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Just like many things in life, there are always some things that you might not like about a particular product.

Hubstaff is one of those products. There is a learning curve when using it for the first time but once you get to know your way around it everything will be as easy as virtual pie.

There have also been reports that Hubstaff can be a particularly picky with its operating systems. These reports are indeed few and far between considering that Hubstaff’s support team aims to correct any wrong that the platform might’ve done but it’s worth knowing.

Price also comes into mind when you are dealing with a subscription based platform. The base plan is $5 but it goes up to $9 with its premium plan for only 1 user. The price hikes up with a number of users. Now, I’m not gonna sit here and lecture you on how to spend your own money so I’ll leave this decision up to you.

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