Content Marketing, What’s It About?

//Content Marketing, What’s It About?

Content Marketing, What’s It About?

Running a business nowadays is difficult if you are to follow the olden days of marketing and other ways of promoting your business. Creativity. That is what you need in running a successful business. Not only do you have to understand your customer demographic but you have to learn what to do with that information.

If your answer is “Well, I’ll most likely provide a tried and tested marketing tool passed down to me from my great-great-great-great grandfather!” Then I’m afraid you’re on the wrong track there, my friend. It’s 2017, you have to think with the times, to adapt to an ever-changing customer base. Content Marketing. This is your answer.

Content Marketing? Whatchu Talkin Bout!?

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So what is Content Marketing? It is a kind of marketing that involves sharing, well, content to potential customers. Now, this content may range from videos, blogs, and even social media posts. Here’s the twist to it, though: the content you’re sharing won’t necessarily promote your business. Instead, it is there to spark a reaction, emotion, or interest.

But why though? Content Marketing is important because it feels authentic. It won’t sound like a robot trying to pull customers in. It’ll sound like an actual person communicating with potential customers.

This is due to the fact that we, as a people in the modern age, are aware of marketing tools and strategies. If we are aware then that means we can simply break down whatever marketing approach you have. Here’s where content marketing is different; instead of selling us something, you’re giving us content that could either entertain or move us. This results in your customers remembering your brand or product. Sales and income will increase.

Show me the way then, brother.

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So now you have a pretty concrete idea on what Content Marketing is. I’ll give you a simple scenario on it. Let’s say that you are about to run a business and you wanna spread the word around. You got the essentials, a social media page, a website, etc. Focusing on social media, here is where you can try and approach it creatively. Be it a video or a blog it is up to you. You may even write your own story, a story with a sprinkle of realism to it, a story that sparks interest in its readers.

With social media, you can always lead them back to your website where more content awaits them. From podcasts to videos, blogs, or what have you. Keep them coming and make sure it targets a well-defined audience. Because once you have them, all you need to do now is try and keep them. Updates, new contents to share, etc. These are the things that pull them in.

However, it’s not all just valuable information you’re giving them. Whatever content you give there must be something in return, that’s why you have to be strategic in content marketing. Mold and shape it to fit the needs of you and your customers.

So What Now?

Go out there. Try and delve deeper into Content Marketing. Learn the basics then move onto to a more advanced or intermediate strategy of the topic. What you learn is what you’ll apply to your future endeavors.  


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