10 Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From Having A Website

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10 Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From Having A Website

When setting up a permanent business today, it is essential that you include a website in your planning phase. If you’re one of those people that say “Why should I? I already have a prime location and an exclusive mailing list.” then you can’t expect to fully grow your business to the way you want it to be.

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A business website not only opens your business to a wider audience but it allows accessibility like never before. The things a website can do for your business doesn’t stop here, however, as there are eight more reasons. So listen close, allow me to open your mind and widen your eyes as here are 10 reasons why your business can benefit from having a website.  

10. Accessibility

“Sorry, we’re closed.” These words the bane of a business and its customers. Sure your business won’t be undergoing bankruptcy just because you’re closed but, do you really have to do it? With a website, you don’t have to. Customers can access your website and learn what they can from it. With enough information on your products and content readily available to your customers, expect a steady stream of traffic and coverage for your website.

9. A Wider Market

So let’s say you do have a prime location for your business. It’s located at the beating heart of the city itself. More than half the city knows about your business but without a website, it’ll probably stay that way. If you were to set up your own dedicated website, you’ll be expanding your market to those who can’t physically reach your business. A wider market equals more business. And what does that lead to? Profit for your business.

8. Price for Advertising

Physical advertising is expensive. From billboards to TV advertisements, they’re all expensive. For a small business that’s trying to grow, paying a small fortune for advertising might not be the best move financially. You have to be smart in your decisions; getting a website for your own business is a smart decision. Why? Firstly, you have social media. With a Facebook, you can not only use Facebook ads but, with a page of your own, you can easily use that to advertise your business and even lead people to your website. Another thing is SEO. Hooking yourself up with a reliable SEO provider helps raise your website’s ranking. High rankings mean more profit and business.

7. Customer Relationship

Living in the age of the internet, communication is EASY. No longer should you send a handwritten letter to someone on the side of the world. What does this mean for your business? It means an easier way to contact loyal and potential customers. You can send in potential customers by giving them information on your products, and you can keep loyal customers by emailing them relevant information or updates regarding your business. And it’s not all you. With a website, your customers can leave feedback or maybe even review your products. All this just helps in building a better relationship with your customers.

6. Information and Statistics

Having a business website isn’t solely about customer interaction or low-cost advertising. With a website of your own, you are able to track traffic, i.e. how many viewers or potential customers visited your website. Aside from that, you are also in control of the information that is displayed on every page of your website. At the end of every week or month, you get to see the statistics of website traffic. Which page had more visits or what products had the most comments on. You now have more info regarding your business. With more info comes a more solid and concrete decision making in the future.

5. Credibility

Let’s face it. A website that’s based on your own business, small or expanding, can be related to credibility. It means that, as a business owner, you are serious in this endeavor. With a website, you are not only giving information to your customers but you are making it easy for them to purchase your products but you’re granting them a more convenient way to communicate with you. If you’re serious and pour time, effort, and money onto your website painting a positive image for your business. This, in turn, will grant more customers that are more than likely to return to you.

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4. Convenience

Sometimes a customer wants to buy a certain product from your business but he’s just too overwhelmed with the dragging force of laziness that he doesn’t feel the need to get up and drive or walk to your establishment. It sounds stupid but it happens. Having a website for you business solves this problem. With a website, a customer can easily access it from anywhere and anytime. They can see the complete product information and even purchase right there and then. A website means convenience for your customer, it means they no longer need to suffer traffic and long drives. It means a quicker and easier way for you to do business and profit.

3. Content Marketing

I mentioned earlier in this article how proving relevant information can keep customers. In truth, it is part of a larger whole. It’s called content marketing. Basically, content marketing is giving your customers information rather than tiring ads. With a website for your business, you can achieve that. Create a blog or post a video. Using content marketing, you not only get to keep customers but you’re able to attract new ones. With a website, you’re one step closer to a more successful business.

2. A Better Website, A Better Name

Having a website for your business means opportunity. You have the opportunity to let it grow, to let it rank high in Google and keep a thick steady flow of traffic. By using different and effective methods, a website can grow and, in turn, its name becomes valuable. When other businesses or websites see this, they will ask for links that go straight to you. This will result in your website’s name spreading. It’s advertising that comes with you optimizing your website to its prime shape. All of it results in your business getting a lot more exposure.

1. Invisible No More

Like I said in number nine, a great location might be in vain when you’ve not properly established your presence online. With a website for your business, you can prevent this. A lot, and I do mean a lot, of consumers nowadays tend to look up a newly opened business and their products online. It’s easier this way, so why not just make it so? A website for your business builds an online presence that you can improve with the right SEO techniques. You keep yourself visible to the market, and everyone will know where you are, what you sell, and what your business is about.

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In Closing…

As a business owner, you have to be adaptable. Embrace the new technology and accept the fact that it can affect your business in a lot of ways. The sooner you accept this is the sooner you can take your business to a whole different world that will end up benefiting it.  


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